Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A little loss is still a loss

Weigh in today... down .6lbs. Not to great but its still a loss so I am going to take it as a success. I am hoping to get moving more this week. I am manageing my walking boot much better so I can get out and get back to walking on my breaks.at work. I am also using my new to me exercise bike and I am sure that will help get me back on track to bigger losses in the upcoming weeks.

I have finally started reading Dr.Phils weightloss solutions. I see many blogs in my future lol

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Well it was weigh in today... I had prepared myself for a gain or a smalll/no loss situation since my activity all but ceased this week lol. I was pleasently surprised at the 3.6lbs that have melted away. Brings my total in 7 weeks to 15.6 lbs and I have hit my official 5% loss. That was a shock... it seemed soooo far away!

I guess this week proved to me that working he plan really does work. I worked extra hard a tracking and measuring and avoided my flex points. I also dropped down a point level since I should have done that a couple weigh ins ago... like week two lol. It makes me feel better about the lack of movement for sure. I worked out some strategies with one of my partners in crime so that I can still at least get some toning in as I sit on the couch so that should help keep the momentum going as well. And sighhhh I will be dropping another point from my day :P lol the price we pay for success!

I am starting to read Dr.Phil's weight loss solution and will be postinng about that as I go. I don't plan on following his eating plan but I am really interested to read about the life stratagies that he has to offer up

Saturday, June 13, 2009

My Captor

So I had thought that I would be able to at least get some good walks in while I was banned from the pool and running. Not so much... this sucker is a major pain in the ass... however just simple walking is building up a sweat so maybe I'll get a few activity points anyways lol. I have been tracking as per normal and staying on target but I am so scared its not enough. I just hope that if I don't loose over the next 4 weeks that I can maintain

Friday, June 12, 2009


I hurt my foot on Wednesday... foot caught on a pothole and down I went. I went for x-rays and I have torn ligaments on my right foot... bad enough that they pulled bone chips off as well. OH GOODY. I will hear today of I am going to require a cast or if I walking boot will be enough to support it while the healing happens. I am soooo frustrated. I know that the exercise is HUGE key to loosing. I will have to really work the points to stay on track. Hopefully it will jsut be aboot and then I can still at least walk about even it it means the couch to 5k nad aquasize is on hold!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two for Tuesday

I have had a pretty great day today.

Tuesdays is weigh in and I really wasn't sure how it would go. I had next to no exercise last week and on Saturday I decided to just enjoy myself and not worry about tracking when I was at a work function. Apparently the days leading up to the weekend still counted for something because I am down another 1.4 lbs bringing the total to 12lbs...not to shabby at all!

I also offically started the couch to 5k today! I bought my runners on the weekend and set myself a plan of action. Monday and Wednesdays I will continue to aquasize with my Operation Get Hot buddies and then Tuesday, Thursday evenings and Saturday mornings I will work the 5k program. Fridays will likely be a free day and whatever happens happens. Sundays are always busy days as I hang out with my great-niece and nephew( 3 and just over 18 month) so there is plenty of activity to be had lol.

I decided that during the week I would head out as soon as I got home from work.. so I did today. Grabbed a quick high protien snack, laced up the shoes , leashed up Buster and away we went. I think of the 20 minutes that I was out there I jogged about 5 minutes total and HOLY CRAP! I can not believe that my body can actaully sweat that much. The program has you walking then jogging for 2 minutes... my jogging stints were much shorter but overall I think I did really good. There is a little park by my house that has a figure 8 path in that is going to be just perfect... just have to grab a pedometer and figure out how long the path actually is so I can judge.

I am so not one to do things like this on my own. I am so proud of myself for just stepping right out of my comfort zone and following through with my plan. I know its not gonna be an easy road but in the end I think it will be a very rewarding one :)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Buster and I are going to run 5k

Yes you read the title right lol. I have a very dear friend who is also on a journey to a healtheir her. I have watched her progress and have been amazed at how well shes done. One of her goals was to runa 5k and she found a website designed for couch potatoes to start from nothing and in just over 2 months run up to 5k.

So I looked at the site, I talked to Jay, I talked to friends, I went to the site many more times and then thought I can do this. If I set my mind to it I can do it. I looked at 5k runs in Edmonton and found the Run for the Cure on Oct. 4 So a little longer than the time laid out on the site which I thought was great because I could go a little slower.

All I can say after this evening is HOLY CRAP. I am not sure that Oct will be doable but I won't make a final decsion until I am a few weeks in.

We went for a walk after supper and when we were on one of the trails I said to jay time me. And off Buster and I went ( he by the way barely broke a fast walk to my jog lol); I quit after what I was sure was at least 2 minutes and it was 30 seconds a lousy 30 seconds lol.

I did 30 seconds 3 more times for a whopping total of 2 minutes through the one hour walk. And man am I sweating and my heart was just a going. I think that as more weight comes off it will get easier and I also think it will be easier once I have good runners (I have none right now and tried tonight in my sandles) I also think that I need to try at the beginning of the walk or in following the plan just do the 20 minutes and call it good. I feel really good though overall... just shocked at how beat I am lol

So its out there for the world to see. I, Kerri Kelly, am going to train to run a 5k. How CRAZY isa that lol!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Weekly Weigh In

Wow that week went by fast! I had weigh in today and was soooooo sure I wasn't going to see a good result. I caved TWICE this weekend and ate wayyyy too much! Saturday night was McDonalds and Sunday was KFC. It tasted good but left me feeling bloatted and uncomfortable and dissappointed in myself. In the scheme of things I remained in my overall points for last week ( I go Sunday to Saturday) because I had my flex points and activity points to go to. And Sunday well it cut into this weeks flexpoints so it will mean being extra careful through the week because I really try hard not to use them.

Lol well today I am walking to my meeting and I am feeling nauseaous. I was so sure I had gone up and was totally accountable for the choices I made. I get in line and then when its my turn I step up take a deep breath and peek out of the corner of my eye and see 283. I was like what no way... but yes it was another loss of 2.8 making the grand total in 6 weeks 10.6. I was so shocked lol. The person doing the weigh ins told me that it would seem I have a great grasp of "working" my points and that the "treats" wont hurt if I am careful the far majority of the time. I certainly don't plan on going as overboard as I did but it felt good to know that overall I am getting this figured out :)

And on that note I am going to leave you with a picture... my fall/spring coat from last year( it was getting big then) with my coat that I am wearing now( 4x to a 2x) laying on top of it. I don't quite know what made me lay them out but it was an awesome visual of the progress I am making :)