Tuesday, May 26, 2009

the pictures

So they aren't the best pictures becasue I took pictures of my pictures lol but you will get the general idea....

Here I am at my close to biggest. I did gain more after this point which was the Summer of 1995

This is May 2000 right around when I was in the 400ish range

This was Christmas 2007 so in the 380's

This is Summer of 2008

And this is me just this past Sunday! Yes I am hula hooping and yes I am in mall... it was part of a challenge for the Corporate Challenge and I was quite proud of me for participating :)

This is me at the ripe old age of 16... wow back in the summer of 1986. I thought I was huge then and I was teased all the time. I think I was wearing a 14/16 around then! Who would have thought where that would go! If I could get back there now I would be just thrilled to death! And why should I say if... WHEN I get back there I will be thrilled to death :)

So there you have it. Like I said not the best pictures but I think they show the journey pretty well :)

Weekly weight-in

Today was weigh -in and it went awsome! I am down 3lbs for a total loss of 7.8lbs in four weeks!

On a bigger scale than that I broke being down 100lbs! 100.2 to be exact. The last time I was weighed prior to joining WW was June 18/07 at my drs office and it was 386lbs. I have been chipping and chipping away at it and the results are really begining to show. It didn't even hit me today that I had broke 100lbs... it was later when I was back at work after my meeting that I clued in. Right now my focus is on whats left to do and keeping my new found motivation! However the realization today tells me that I CAN and I WILL succeed!

A friend asked me to share pictures... I just have to find a way to scan them in. The one up top was taken last week so thats me now. I have no clue how big I ever got as far as pounds go I do know at one point I was buying a size 52/6x and I lost weight and did fairly well. Then plateaued out and stalled in the lower 400's then I began the slow loss that has got me to today. So I will haul out the pictures and find away to post them... maybe it will be further motivation for me to keep working HARD at getting this done!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Proud of myself

Quite often the evening come along and the sweet tooth kicks in... that an the hankering for a coffee! Well the coffee is no biggie I have two large with cream planned into everyday... can ya say addict lol. But its the damn sweet tooth.

Tonight I went to a kick-ass aquasize class and per usual I was hungry when I got home and wanted a snack... again no biggie as I plan this into my days when I know I am hitting a class. Well Jay (my hubby) also has a hankering for a coffee and something sweet and was heading to the local donut shop. He offered to buy me a donut and I said no... I thought long and hard about it and decided that I would eat my healthy planned snack and asked him to grab me two... just two donut holes. All fit it to what was left of my daily points and there was no need to break into my activity points or my flex points.

Not that long ago the evening would have looked more like supper, lay on the couch and watch TV and then eat two WHOLE donuts likely stuffed with whipped cream then toddle off to bed. Instead I came home had supper, walked to a further bus stop, went to the one hour class, came home and examined my choices and made one that worked on all the levels. The donut holes were enough to satisfy the sweet tooth and in the end I am quite proud of myself for looking at things a little differently. And ya know what as an added little bonus... those damn things were soooo sweet one would probably work next time. I had been told once I quit eating as much real sugar that I would find that it it was horribly sweet... and it happened lol

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thank God for Activity Points...

cause otherwise today would have been bad! I was part of a competition for work today that required tons of fast paced walking through the mall and boy oh boy am I glad for it. I estimate between my time at the mall plus hanging out with my family and taking a walk that I earned about 18 activity points... and yup I ate them all too. For lunch I had a small serving of ginger beef and chow main thinking it wouldn't be bad... numm well that little plate cost me 14 points. Then there was the ice cream cone which I knew was 7 points befor eating it but I wanted a little treat.Then it was wings and pizza for supper...thats where the bad came in! Who would thought that 3 little wings would add up to 9 freaking points or that my 2 slices of pizza would be 14. I knew they wouldn't be the lowest in points but OYYYY! So I ate my 35 points PLUS 18 more points making it a grand total of 53 points UGH

Today taught me that taking a little break is really not going to be the best choice. If I decide to have a "treat" meal then the rest of the day is going to take extra planning so I don't start heading down that slippery slope. It also taught me that junk is just that junk. I ate a crazy amount of points today and none of it was really all that healthy. Tasted good but then doesn't everything that is bad for us. I am sitting here wanting a snack soooo bad and I am fighting the urge. I don't need to eat by any means but I sure WANT to eat. I will be curious to see what the scale says on Tuesday. I have done really well all week and haven't eaten and of my activity points and used about 1/2 of my flex. Today starts a fresh week as far as the flex points go and my goal is not try not to use any this week.

I need to come up with a plan for Friday as I am going to a pot luck... hopefully there will be lots of good foods to choose from and possibly then I can use a few flex points if needed.

Tomorrow is a new day and one that is well planned out for every meal and snack which will certainly help get me right back on track!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Journey Begins

Well technically it began a few weeks ago when some work friends and I decided it was time to get serious about taking our health into our own hands. We dubbed our project Operation Get Hot and work hard at inspiring one another to excersie and eat better. We are walking on our breaks, hitting the pool to aquasize at least twice a week and we have joined weight watchers to get the portion control we need to be successful. So far its been great. My blog will be focusing mostly on my personal journey as I want to delive more into the reasons that I got to the size I did so I never go there again. I will share the ups and downs, joys and frustations and probably a few laughs and tears as well :)